Dental Implants Guatemala

5 Ave. 5-55, Zona 14, Euro Plaza World Business Center, Oficina 403, Guatemala 01014 ,Guatemala
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Dental Arts Guatemala TM is a multi-disciplinary, self-contained, multi-specialty Medical/Dental  group of healthcare professionals trained in the management of complex and extensive restorative//esthetic dental reconstruction with the aid of non-metal (all ceramic) caps, implant fixtures, porcelain veneers to meet all of your smile enhancement expectations as well as functional rehabilitation of the broken down dentition.

Often confused with general anesthesia (which is relegated to hospital use only) is an amazing medical tool which enhances the dentist´s ability to treat and work at a more leisurely pace, make use of I.V. anti inflammatories to prevent and avoid post-op swelling, exert total control over anxiety,  make use of antibiotics should surgery be needed and most importantly give the patient of having no memory of the events.

This procedure is fully monitored with BIS conscious monitor and a complete vital sign protocol supervised by a certified Anesthesiologist.


  1. Restorative.   The old "fillings" of silver and gold now are replaced with incrustations adheridas de forms physics and chemistry to their natural pieces.
  2. Esthetics.   Non-metal ceramic restorations now allow the looks of human enamel with all of its translucency qualities and strength.
  3. Dental Implants.   The replacement and restoration of a person´s dentition is now not only possible via these titanium fixtures that emulate your natural roots but also...

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